Rolling shutter garage door features

Rolling shutter garage doors are widely used in life, so do you know what are their characteristics? How to choose a flap garage door and a rolling garage door?

Rolling shutter garage doors are widely used in life and are suitable for commercial facade garages, ordinary houses, villas, etc. It is used in villas, ordinary residential quarters, shopping malls, underground parking lots, etc.

The thickness of rolling shutter garage door curtain is 0.8mm-1.5mm, the maximum production height can reach 9m-14m (the curtain type is from 60-120), and the maximum production width is 4m-12m. Wind resistance is up to level 11.

Model features of rolling garage doors:

1. Rebound

The integrated control system of the garage shutter door reserves remote control and obstacle identification interfaces. The obstacle identification adopts the method of installing the bottom beam conductive rubber strip and infrared radiation at the same time. After the bottom beam contacts the material, it is compressed, and the internal conductive rubber strip is short-circuited to generate a weak current to control the receiver. The motor is reversed, basically unaffected by the environment, and has high sensitivity.

2. Alarm function

When the door leaf of the rolling shutter garage door is in a locked state and is accidentally lifted by an external force, resulting in a displacement of 25MM, the intelligent linkage alarm continues to send out an alarm signal.

3. Fast opening speed

The two-way hinge of each roller shutter garage door curtain ensures that the curtains are closely combined, and the vertical rise and fall saves the top space.

4. Safe anti-theft performance

The intelligent electric garage door uses a fully automatic obstacle recognition system and installs an automatic interlocking device. Any problems in operation will be identified at the initial stage, which will effectively protect the safety of people, garage doors and property. If you install an automatic anti-skid device on the automatic rolling shutter garage door, it will greatly enhance the anti-theft performance of your garage door.

 Rolling Garage Door

Other features:

A variety of installation methods are available, including external, internal, and mid-mounted installations, which do not require high space.

Safety protection device: The rolling shutter garage door can be additionally installed with infrared radiation system and wireless remote control device, and there is an automatic rolling shutter door anti-theft interlocking device.

Electric rolling shutter garage door is driven by AC tubular motor or external motor, 220V or 110V, power saving, safe, silent, with thermal protection device. UPS backup power supply or manual chain can be configured to prevent the door body from opening normally in case of power failure.


Some friends asked the author, is the flip garage door better or the rolling shutter garage door better, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Actually, I think each has its own advantages. Whether you choose a flap garage door or a garage shutter door, the main consideration is practicality.

In rural or suburban areas, it is recommended to choose to use garage shutter doors, which cost relatively low and are very convenient to use.

For those in the villa area, they also need to consider the appearance on the basis of considering the practicality, so they can choose to consider the use of flap garage doors. In this way, the decoration of the appearance can be better completed to match the style of your villa or residence.

The above is the author's arrangement for you about how to choose a rolling shutter garage door. If you have a need to buy a garage door, please contact Shun chi hardware online or by phone, we will definitely serve you wholeheartedly.