What to do if the anti-routine is applied to the male protagonist (wear the book)

As for counterfeiting, there is no copyright in this era, so naturally we can't prevent it. We can only make

As for counterfeiting, there is no copyright in this era, so naturally we can't prevent it. We can only make a striking mark, so that customers can add a memory point, which is better than nothing. With this in mind, Feng Yun hurriedly discussed with the big shopkeeper Wang the rules specially customized for customers. The big shopkeeper Wang naturally followed them one by one, and his eyes were full of splendor. He really didn't know how the young lady could have so many novel ideas in her mind. Because the materials used were not rare, so two days later, the first batch of doll rabbits were made, and shopkeeper Wang sent one to Feng Yun. Feng Yun looked at the fluffy rabbit's big head, long ears, two front paws still holding red carrots, two front teeth gnawing very hard, and felt so cute that she wished she could sleep with it at night. As soon as Xie Jingxing came home, he saw Feng Yun holding a puppet and kissing her from time to time. Feng Yun caught a glimpse of his look, can not help but secretly Tucao in the heart, eat the man's jealousy also just, even a puppet also do not let go? She thought about it, and finally decided to forget it and not haggle with him,plastic pallet crates, so she called Donger to come over and told him in person: "Send this to the Shenwei General's Office next door, and tell yuaner to play with it." When Donger was about to leave, Feng Yun stopped her again and said, "Call Zaoer to go with you. Remember to pass by the gate of Fuyuan and speak loudly." Fu yuan is Xie Yan's residence, Feng Yun remembered that the day of the wedding gift to her purse was brushed to the ground by her, but the puppet got her green eyes, but later she let people search all over the capital did not find the same,ibc spill pallet, tossed about for a few days before giving up. As she spoke, she asked Donger to come over and say the words that would stimulate Xie Yan. Donger covered her mouth and laughed. Then she went out and called Jujube and set off in high spirits. What kind of bad idea do you have? Xie Jingxing waited for Donger to go out before asking Feng Yun. Feng Yun smiled like a rat who had stolen a fishy smell. Hearing this, she shook her head: "It's a secret. I can't tell you!" It seems a little embarrassing to say that you still hold a grudge for such a long time and haggle with a little girl. Although this little girl is actually fourteen years old, she is almost able to get married. Coincidentally, when Donger and Jujube arrived near Fuyuan with a doll rabbit, Xie Yan just came out with a servant girl from the gate of the courtyard, intending to go to the main bamboo branch courtyard to accompany Chen for dinner. Still separated by a short distance, Xie Yan saw the doll in Donger's arms at a glance, and immediately the footsteps could not move. What are you going to do? Xie Yan stopped, her eyes stuck to the little rabbit all the time, and she asked Donger casually. Donger and Jujube looked at each other and saluted Xie Yan, saying in their hearts that they were lucky. Narrow encounter, just can meet Xie Yan, also save them to speak loudly to attract the attention of the people in the yard. Dong'er answered Xie Yan with a smile, plastic pallet price ,collapsible pallet box, "The young lady asked the maidservant to send this toy to the second young lady of the General's Office next door, so that she could play with it in her spare time." Xie Yan immediately got angry and blurted out, "Why did you send something to the second girl again?" She looked longingly at the little rabbit, with its hairy body, long soft ears, red carrots, and ruby eyes inlaid in its eyes, and she wanted to touch it! But.. But it wasn't for her. ! Whoo, whoo, it's obviously your own sister-in-law. Why do you like to turn your elbow out? Xie Yan did not know how to reflect on their own behavior, directly raised eyebrows asked: "Sister-in-law did not say to send me one?" Her tone was so natural that the faces of Dong'er and Zao'er faded, and they only hung their heads and answered in a low voice, "The young lady didn't give orders." Xie Yan is angry, both hands are ready to move, the heart simply snatched the rabbit to come over, is it difficult to turn back sister-in-law can also specifically reprimand me for this? But Donger and Jujube seemed to understand the fierce light in her eyes, and both of them could not help but step back and stay away from her. In particular, Donger simply hid the doll behind her and looked at her warily. Xie Yan was simply not angry to death, she just thought about it, is it really from the hands of the servant girl to rob things ah? That's too ugly. Fortunately, Donger made a sound in time and didn't let Xie Yan burst out. Young lady, young madam said, this toy will soon be on the Jinxiu Pavilion, as long as there is silver, anyone can buy it. "Splendid Pavilion?" Xie Yan remembered the name. Because Xie Jingxing never told his family what shops he had, Xie Yan did not know that Jinxiu Pavilion was his eldest brother's property. But it doesn't matter, she has never been worried about the silver, as long as she knows where there are puppets to sell. Donger and Zaoer completed the task given by Feng Yun, so they left honestly and went to General Shenwei's office. Not to mention how overjoyed Xie yuan was when she received the puppet rabbit sent by Feng Yun. She only said that Xie Yan was a little absent-minded when she had dinner with Chen. She only hated that it was too late to go to Jinxiu Pavilion immediately and buy the puppet rabbit back. Chen also thought Xie Yan big girl, also began to have the girl's family's mind, thinking of the girl's face is tender, but also did not have the nerve to ask, only in the heart secretly remember, hurriedly to Xie Jingyu married a daughter-in-law back, or to arrange the daughter's marriage. Early the next morning, Xie Yan took the servant girl out of the door and went straight to Jinxiu Pavilion. Feng Yun had already guessed her behavior, so she had been waiting in Jinxiu Pavilion early in the morning. On the counter of Jinxiu Pavilion, there are more than a dozen rabbit dolls, eating radishes, playing with hydrangeas, grinning, all kinds of things, dazzling at a glance. But.. Xie Yan saw at a glance that these were different from what she had seen yesterday,ibc spill containment pallet, and that Feng Yun had sent them to Xie yuan. Why are all these little rabbits so small? Xie Yan asked the man directly, "is there no bigger one?" The clerk answered dutifully, "All the things sold in the shop are so big that they need to be bigger and can be customized." 。 binpallet.com