Qing Meng Tian Xia

"Ha ha, Tai Hong, you should use the rules of heaven to blind the secret of heaven and reverse the fate

"Ha ha, Tai Hong, you should use the rules of heaven to blind the secret of heaven and reverse the fate of the son of Emperor Jun. Don't you know that Emperor Jun's luck has been lost, and his son shouldn't enjoy the glory of heaven in his life? Last time you fought with me for the seal of Emperor Tian. As a result, under the joint efforts of you and Chang'e, you reversed the cause and effect of heaven, so that the doomed Emperor Jun's luck was not lost, and Ren had to be sheltered by four phases." Now you want to go against the sky again, forcibly separate the luck of heaven, this time can no longer let you, you must move a stone to drop on your own feet, then don't blame me Hongjun for doing justice for heaven! With a snigger, Hongjun waved his hand and made a blue light. The rays of the sun appeared, and the colorful mist rose. Seven bright and dazzling stars slowly escaped from the misty mist and clung to the seven swaddling clothes. [The fourth chapter of the main text crazily grabs the luck of Qi, the 109th section of Hongjun's bold face and Yin hand, Qing Meng Zhongsheng Guangsan Lingbao] "Taihong Tianzun is protected by the rules of the Way of Heaven and blessed by the Buddha's light. I, Hongjun, can't live without the gift of meeting and cater to the name of Qixia,14 tube fitting, so I give them the Seven Stars of the Way of Heaven. From then on, they travel with the stars of the Big Dipper in the Nine Heavens. They are not eroded by the Yang Gang and Yin Shaqi in the Three Realms. When they move, they are assisted by the invisible power of the stars of the Way Of Heaven. Their magic To consolidate the spirit and clarify the nature, thousands of Dharma points are self-evident! Before Hongjun's voice fell, the seven children cried together, and the rays of the sun flashed in their swaddling clothes. Under the power of the vast stars of the Seven Stars of Heaven,stainless steel tube fitting, a sudden pressure of shaking the sky came into being. During the whole nine days, the originally illusory stars appeared together, and their regular trajectories changed dramatically. The tiny stars reversed and moved without warning to the place where the Big Dipper Galaxy was located. A tiny flash of light turned into a stream of light and disappeared into the Big Dipper. Good books are reshuge. Com in the hot book pavilion. Fragrance rose in the rear hall of the Jade Pool, and the swaddling clothes of the seven princesses wrapped in Qixia suddenly sent out a dazzling colorful light slowly rising. With a "bang" explosion, several groups of colorful smoke and dust burst, and the dazzling glow flashed out. Even though all the saints were surprised to close their eyes, the heavenly maids were all hurt by the flash of brilliance. Suddenly, they could not see anything and fell into blindness. Zhang Yu as the realm of heaven, nature is not suppressed by the power of heaven, but also understand what the nine stars mutation means, that is, Hongjun just used Princess Qixia to reverse the cause and effect of heaven. As the rays of the sun burst, Zhang Yu's heart suddenly jumped, 12 needle valve ,stainless steel needle valve, a kind of adhesion in the heart of a flash that is not, can not help but secretly cry out: "Oh!"! This fellow Hongjun must have known about the daughter of Emperor Jun. He knew that I had changed other people's luck and used the gimmick of Heaven's inaction to manipulate me by using the rules of Heaven on the seven sons! Zhang Yu is also the way of heaven, the same is a thought of three thousand. Thought, the eyes of the two positive and negative Zhou Tianxingdou array will shoot out, cover to highlight the nine heaven and earth billions of stars, to prevent the nine heaven and earth stars mutation, suddenly several clear and melodious voice protruding from the rear hall of the Jade Pool. Eh? With the voice of surprise, in the bright smoke and dust. The seven beautiful girls with bright eyes and white teeth floated out with colorful rays of the sun. Everyone saw a flower in front of their eyes, and each of them secretly praised: "The creation of the seven sons, the blessing of Taihong, the blessing of Buddha, and the support of Hongjun's teacher, the Seven Stars of Heaven.". A few girls born to Ziyun have just been born with the supreme power of heaven. Although the realm is lower, in terms of ability, I'm afraid those prehistoric gods who have been practicing for millions of years are no match! Haotian and Ziyun, the new parents, were even more gratified to look at the seven daughters who came out lightly, and their faces, pretending to be calm, could not help showing a trace of smile. "Hey!" Zhang Yu dark sigh, yuan Shen a shake, starlight burst flashing eyes suddenly a stagnation, can be out of the Zhou Tianxingdou array inexplicably fell back into the eyes. He turned to step forward, clenched his hands, looked at Hongjun angrily, and the vast power of the rules flashed frequently. In a flash, Kuangshi's anger was born out of thin air. All the people who had been stabbed by the rays of the sun and closed their eyes were startled. They opened their eyes and looked at Zhang Yu, who was angry and did not know what had happened. Taihong Tianzun. What did you do. You know better than I do. You and I are the way of heaven. You should feel the warning of heaven. I did so in obedience to the original intention of heaven. This disaster. You can't escape! Sitting on the cloud bed, Hongjun smiled frankly. Without a trace of fireworks, Zhang Yu, who was gnashing his teeth, said frankly. Zhang Yu was stunned in a rage. Suddenly I thought of the palpitations in my heart when I gave the name to the seven sons. Can not help but panic shocked: "Heaven is a warning to me.". But how did Hongjun know that my mind was shaken when I changed the secret of heaven. Hongjun and I are the way of heaven. He will definitely not deduce my cause and effect. He could not clearly infer what fate I would have. Could it be that Hongjun still has a profound calculation method that is unknown? Zhang Yu hit the nail on the head by Hongjun. The arrogance suddenly subsided. The towering anger dissipated in an instant. A man stood there in a daze. A pair of magic eyes flashed. Keep looking up and down Hongjun. Looking at Hongjun, I felt nervous. In fact, it is true that Hongjun reversed the secret. It is calculated that it is false that Zhang Yu has the warning of the way of heaven. What I said just now. All of them are based on their own experience of reversing the secrets of heaven in the past. All kinds of results under the cause and effect infer that Zhang Yu must get the retribution of cause and effect. Inference is not a concept at all. The former is the extension of thinking. The latter is the explicit expression of Taoism. To put it bluntly, Hongjun's righteous scolding just now was nonsense. But he was afraid that he was brazenly calculating Zhang Yu. He was afraid that Zhang Yu would risk his life with himself, so he deliberately found an excuse that no one could understand. Now I see Zhang Yu's arrogance fading. Seemingly indifferent, but actually nervous, Hongjun was secretly pleased. Mercilessly admired oneself: "In the past, it was you who cheated me.". You are really right this time. As I expected. The way of heaven is really so. Any behavior that changes the secret of heaven will be punished by the way of heaven. Even if you, Taihong,hydraulic fitting supplier, stand shoulder to shoulder with the way of heaven, it is no exception. Even if I don't punish you. Heaven will also give you a doom. I just added fuel to the flames on the basis of the punishment of heaven. The original intention of Heaven remains unchanged! Thinking of this, Hongjun had nothing to fear and smiled mysteriously at Zhang Yu: "It's God's will. Accept your fate!" 。 chinaroke.com