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The most important thing is that the cost of hiring mercenaries is not enough, but also to bear the equipment

The most important thing is that the cost of hiring mercenaries is not enough, but also to bear the equipment and survival safety of mercenaries, which is one of the reasons why we have been struggling to hire mercenaries. "This.." It was Yalin who helped me. "He was grabbed by the rattan roll. Hijikata didn't breathe. He was almost suffocated to death. Fortunately, he succeeded in saying Li Yalin's name and diverted everyone's attention. Otherwise, he would have been strangled." Why are you looking at me? Hijikata said he wanted to hire mercenaries, and I was just helping. "Seeing that everyone's strange eyes had shifted to him for a while, Li Yalin immediately spread out his hands innocently, saying that it had nothing to do with him." "Help?"? Mercenaries cost a lot. How much did you pay for Hijikata? Fujii's question was crucial, and he got to the point as soon as he asked it. "A long sword of gold." Without waiting for Li Yalin to answer, Hijikata opened his mouth first, but as soon as he said this, he immediately shocked everyone present. "Golden Sword?"? Is it so exaggerated? "Ciao, isn't that too strong?" "Tuhao!"! Pure local tyrant. I have a crystal sword in my collection, and it's blue! What kind of trouble is the golden long horn going to make? (To be continued RQ Chapter 833 is a man to conquer a woman! All of a sudden, Li Yalin became the focus of everyone, no way, the shock of the golden sword is too big. Especially after Hijikata simply explained the whole story, everyone looked at Li Yalin's eyes even more strange, according to Hijikata,Nail machine manufacturer, this is completely with a golden sword for the mercenary Ai, the value of this pay, it is too big. "So, Yalin is my best friend in my life." After that, Hijikata did not forget his tears. It was called a tearful Ai, but Li Yalin took two steps back without any trace. This guy, it's better to stay away. "Yalin!" Just then,wire nail machine manufacturers, the rattan roll suddenly stepped forward and bowed to Li Yalin at a 90-degree angle. "What are you doing?" Li Yalin was startled. Why did he suddenly come here? "Please be sure to be my best friend in this life, and my happiness in this life will be handed over to you!" As soon as Rattan Roll's words came out, the whole audience was in an uproar. Under the chills, Li Yalin stepped forward with a foot in the middle of Rattan Roll's face. Can you not be so misunderstood when you speak? It's disgusting, you know? "Who cares about your happiness all your life?" "No, no, don't get me wrong. I mean, Yalin, you have to help me. I don't want to be a bachelor any more. I don't want to go to the Red Street any more!" Teng Juan's face was full of tears and his expression was exciting, but the shoe prints on his face filled him with a sense of joy. "You really don't want to go to the Red Street?" After hearing the words of the rattan roll, Li Yalin immediately moved in his heart, and the effect was much better than he had imagined. "Yes, no longer want to go, I also want to find a mercenary, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, I also want to get married ah" to tell the truth, rattan roll this expression, is really everyone has never seen, this guy really so want to get married? "Well, in that case, I will help if I have a chance." Li Yalin nodded, but then suddenly raised his voice: "But we agreed in advance that you would never go to the Red Block again." "Yes, yes, yes, I will never go again!" Fujimaki hurriedly promised that he could find a girl he liked to fall in love with for a lifetime. This was Fujimaki's lifelong wish. The last time he went to the Red Street, it was Noda who dragged him behind his back. Afterwards, he was beaten up by Xiao Yuli. How could Fujimaki want this kind of thing for the second time? Me! And me! I want to get married, too. "Fujimaki's words resonated with most of the boys present. After all, they are not children. Although they are teenagers, how long have they lived in the world after death?"? They can't remember at all. Do they own their own home? All of a sudden, everyone fell into longing. "Speaking of red blocks, Noda!" Everyone's performance let Li Yalin secretly nod, but Noda sold himself this matter, he still did not forget it. "Dry.." What are you doing Noda was also startled when he was suddenly called by his name, and Li Yalin mentioned the Red Block again. Did he secretly go to the Red Block yesterday? "What do you think of the fact that the information inside the information line I got today has been leaked?" Said, Li Yalin's voice gradually lowered down, heard that everyone is also a Leng, the front information was leaked? What's going on? I.. How do I know? Noda took a step back unconsciously, and with a guilty conscience, he even lowered his voice a few tones. "Do you really not know?" Li Yalin tightly stared at Noda, that nirvana, as if Noda's mind can see through in general. I.. I Noda did not know how to answer, just a strong retreat bow, see here how we are not clear, even if the fool, also know a little bit of the situation. "The information came from a woman in the Red Block. Noda, don't you really want to say something?" Li Yalin is not prepared to simply let go of Noda, although he knows that he is also an unintentional mistake, but at least let him learn a lesson to be known by Aishira, what if the enemy uses a honey trap in the future? When the time comes or the loss of the entire collective interests of the front, in order to put an end to this kind of thing, Li Yalin must give Noda an unforgettable lesson. "What the hell is going on with Noda?" As a good friend of Noda, Fujimaki hurriedly pulled Noda's arm, if this matter in Li Yalin's mouth is true, then Noda's trouble can be big. I.. It's impossible, Zenobia. She can't lie to me, she can't betray me! Noda repeatedly retreated, he could not believe that he had been betrayed by the woman he liked. "Is it really you?" Noda's performance surprised everyone. What the hell is going on? I need an explanation. "Just then,High Speed Nail Making Machine, Xiao Youli's voice fell from the sky, and everyone's eyes turned to find Xiao Youli standing behind the crowd, with a terrible low expression on his face." 3shardware.com