The official road is romantic

Zhong Yang, Deputy Secretary of the Shazhou Discipline Inspection Commission, accompanied by a Comrade from the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, came to Shangqinglin to learn about the situation on the spot.

By this time, Hou Weidong's first pickup truck had become Hou Yonggui's ride. After he turned off the water, electricity and gas at home, he went to Yiyang Qinglin Town with Liu Guangfen. Up the hill, circling on the Qinglin Mountain Road, Liu Guangfen took a breath and said, "How did you assign the mistress to this place where birds don't lay eggs? I guess this is the most remote place in Yiyang, not to mention that there was no road at the beginning." She knew that Hou Weidong was building a road. Looking at the fairly flat road, she said, "My mistress has really experienced harm. She has made such a big noise in this remote place." Hou Yonggui said proudly, "At the beginning, you asked me to find a relationship to transfer the mistress. Oh, my son is a piece of gold wherever he goes. Where do we need to worry about them?" Seeing the steep cliff through the car window and the big trucks coming towards him, Liu Yongfen said, "Don't talk, old man. Concentrate on driving." If you want to talk to me. The pickup truck soon arrived at the quarry. Several people stood outside. One of them waved to the pickup truck. He was holding a mobile phone in his hand. He was wearing a leather coat with a large fox hair territory. This style is worth thousands of yuan and is popular in Shazhou. The man in leather is He Hongfu. From 1993 to 2000, He Hongfu had changed from a sharp-tongued young man to a rather stable township entrepreneur. He shook hands with Hou Yonggui, who got off the bus, and introduced himself: "Uncle Hou.". Liu, I'm He Hongfu. Brother Hou called me and asked me to wait for the two old people here. After Hou Yonggui retired, he became a family idler from the post of police station director,Magnesium Oxide price, watching TV and fishing in small rivers every day. Life is leisurely, the police spirit on the body gradually faded, and the ordinary retired old man is no different, or he himself is an ordinary retired old man. At this time, came to the outside world, Hou Yonggui and restored some of the work of the look, said: "You are Xiaohe ah, often hear your name.". Today is the first day we met. After a few pleasantries,Magnesium Sulphate producer, He Hongfu pointed to Yinggang Quarry and said, "This is the first quarry in Shangqinglin.". Hou Xiaoying Diying, Zeng Xiangang's Gang, the two together is Yinggang Quarry, now Hou Ge and Zeng Ge have left Shangqinglin, this Yinggang Quarry is managed by me, I work for the two eldest brothers. Hou Yonggui corrected: "Not Hou elder brother, should be Hou elder sister, Hou Xiaoying is Hou Weidong's elder sister." He took He Hongfu aside and told He Hongfu about the report letter. He Hongfu is the witness of Shangqinglin Quarry. He used to help Hou Weidong manage the quarry. The year before last, he first bought Chi Mingdi quarry with his savings from working. The year before last, he opened a new large quarry and became the owner of the quarry alongside Hou Weidong. Although he has become a well-known boss, He Hongfu has always maintained respect for Hou Weidong. Hearing this, he said angrily: "Without Hou Ge, there would be no development of Shangqinglin. This is the consensus of seven thousand Shangqinglin people.". If I really want to frame Brother Hou, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide price, I can call two thousand people to petition the city government. Hou Yonggui beamed and exhorted, "There is no need to petition. If someone comes to investigate this matter, just tell the truth. The Yinggang Quarry is shared by Hou Xiaoying and Zeng Xiangang. The Goubeiwan Quarry is opened by Liu Guangfen. It has nothing to do with Hou Weidong. It has a business license.". We came here today. It is to take a look at the actual situation, so as not to be asked three times. He Hongfu heard it very clearly. Way: "Liu is the boss, she did not have to go to the scene, client management on the line, this is the most common mode of business management." Hou Yonggui nodded and said, "Yes, that's what I mean." The key to this letter is Hou Weidong's unknown property. As long as it is proved that Liu Guangfen is the owner of the quarry, the problem of unknown property is not a problem at all. In the evening, Hou Yonggui and Liu Guangfen stayed in the courtyard of the family members of Shangqinglin Township Government. Gao Changjiang, the old head of the township, arranged a table of dishes. Tie Bingsheng and his wife, Xi Zhaoyong and his wife, Yang Xinchun and others all heard the news. Everyone sat around and drank the best Yiyang Hong. The topic of discussion was naturally Hou Weidong. Hou Yonggui was very proud of his son. As a result, he got drunk and vomited in the toilet at the end of the corridor. Liu Guangfen helped his wife to bed and went to the house where his son had lived. The next day, as soon as Hou Yonggui got up, Jiang Shangshan, the branch secretary of Dushi Village, entered the door. He even persuaded Hou Yonggui and Liu Guangfen to be invited to Dushi Village. The two committees of the village collectively toasted the two old people. Hou Yonggui was full of heroism and drunk. On the morning of the third day, Liu Guangfen got up early and said to Hou Yonggui, "Old man, let's leave early. If we don't leave, you'll get drunk again." As soon as the door opened, Tang Guiyuan, the branch secretary of Jianshan Village, and others were waiting at the door again. Tang Guiyuan was originally a man of few words, and his efforts to persuade him to drink were not as good as those of Jiang Shangshan. In addition, Hou Yonggui was really too strong to drink. As a result, he returned half drunk. As soon as I entered the courtyard of the township government, I saw a car parked in the middle of the courtyard. Several people who looked like cadres were standing in the corridor waiting. Zhong Yang, Deputy Secretary of the Shazhou Discipline Inspection Commission, accompanied by a Comrade from the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, came to Shangqinglin to learn about the situation on the spot. Zhong Yang said politely, "Excuse me, are you Liu Guangfen? I am Zhong Yang from the Shazhou Discipline Inspection Commission. This is my work permit. I want to know something about it." Chapter 533 (end) After reading remember: convenient next time, or. Chapter 534 investigation (middle). When Liu Guangfen saw Xi Zhaoyong, a police officer, standing on the aisle on the second floor, she waved and said, "Xiao Xi, help Uncle Hou." After two days of contact, Xi Zhaoyong admired Hou Yonggui, an old policeman. Even without Hou Weidong's relationship, he would help Hou Yonggui. Hearing Liu Guangfen's greeting, he hurried downstairs and helped Hou Yonggui upstairs. Liu Guangfen shook off her hand and said, "This old man is very heavy." After rubbing his shoulders for a while,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, he said to Zhong Yang, "Secretary Zhong, please come and sit in the office." 。