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Chen Daming's first sentence made Liu Yun very angry, but after listening to his second sentence, she felt that Chen Daming was kind to her

When the coffee was finally served, Lou Hong's father took a sip of it himself, but Geng Lin did not. He found that Geng Lin did not drink, nor did he persuade him, then he took another sip of coffee, and then he waved to the waiter in the distance. The waiter came over and he said: "Check out." The waiter was a little surprised. Lou Hong's father looked at her as if to ask, "Don't you understand my words?" The waiter nodded and left. At this time, Lou Hong's father looked at Geng Lin and did not care about the disdain in his eyes. He said: "Actually, I don't have much to say to you, because I don't want to know about you and my daughter, nothing." Geng Lin smiled helplessly and had nothing to say. I just want you to know what we're thinking as parents. The waiter handed the bill to Lou Hong's father, who took a look and handed the money to the waiter, who left once. Geng Lin thought that he would have to wait to find the money, and then he could leave proudly. We will never allow our daughter to have an emotional entanglement with a married man. "I'm getting a divorce." Geng Lin thought it necessary to say this. Not even a married man. If Xiaohong can't find a good unmarried man, she can find a bad one. Why should she be married to a man?! "According to you, love doesn't matter?" Geng Lin said with some contradiction that he felt desperate. He could not imagine that the man in front of him could become his father-in-law one day. So his future with Lou Hong suddenly became bleak. He did not care about his attitude. Love Lou Hong's father emphasized the word sarcastically, "I think, as a husband, I am more qualified to talk about love than you are." The waiter came over again and handed the change to Lou Hong's father. At least I don't think you are a completely irrational person, so you'd better pay more attention to my last advice. In fact, it's not too much to say that it's a warning. Lou Fu said here to take a look at Geng Lin. Geng Lin's expression was the same as just now. Leave my daughter, or I'll put you out of a job and, if necessary, put you in jail. Geng Lin did not speak, but squinted at each other. You don't have to look at me like that. It doesn't work. Whether a man can look at others contemptuously depends on whether he has the strength. I'm telling you, I can do anything for my daughter. Besides, you'd better believe that I,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, who have been in society and officialdom all my life, have the strength. Do as I say. Lou Hong's father stood up. I never want to see you again. With that, Lou's father strode away from the quiet cafe, leaving Geng Lin alone. In the face of a cup of coffee that has not been drunk, my mind is blank. There must be such people in this world who fall asleep when they encounter difficulties that they can't face. Best of all, they can sleep, too. If they have considerate parents or friends, they will often wake them up, fearing that they will fall asleep like this and cause mental disorders. Such a person may be insane, but it is certainly not because of falling asleep. Liu Yun does not belong to this kind of person, even when she is exhausted and painful to the extreme, she can not find the possibility of sleep. Sometimes, she thought, this is the fate that God sent her. When she was sent home from the hospital by her colleagues, metal racking systems ,industrial racking systems, she was weak in bed. Soon after she took the valium, she passed out. But she always woke up from her lethargy, and suddenly woke up for no reason, and then her heart beat wildly for a while, and then she closed her eyes and waited for the rapid heartbeat to pass away and fall into lethargy again. When she awoke from her longest sleep, she still felt as if she had not slept at all. She sat up and drank a glass of water, and remembered the dream she had just had, and she could not help feeling uneasy. She never had such a strange dream. In the dream, she was walking on a very wide and long street. On both sides of the street were tall and strong poplars. There were no vehicles, only pedestrians, but the pedestrians were going in the opposite direction to her. Occasionally, a few pedestrians in the same direction as her quickly passed her. So she quickened her pace. But after a few steps, she saw her left foot leave her and go two steps ahead of her. She didn't believe it was her feet at first, but she recognized her leather shoes. Frightened, she quickly looked down to see if her left foot was still there. It was gone. She stopped, and the left foot in front of her came back to her. Then she walked again, everything was normal, but another pedestrian passed her, then quickened his pace, and his left foot left her again. After a few cycles, she woke up. In her dream, she felt like beating herself up. After she woke up, her thoughts were still focused here, and she did not understand why she had to quicken her pace in her dream? The phone rang suddenly, which startled Liu Yun. She hesitated, but picked up the receiver. Sister Liu, I'm Chen Daming. How's it going? I've heard about it, and now the X girl should be honest. In the future, you will come to me for all this. If you can't do anything else, it's no problem to help you vent your anger. Liu Yun heaved a sigh of relief, as if it were a plane that had just come out of the fog, and the dazzling sunlight made her dizzy, so it was! I'm worried about her getting back at you, so I want to ask when you go to work? I'll go to your hospital and wait for them. They dare not mess up. Chen Daming added, "Besides, I have Angkor." Chen Daming's first sentence made Liu Yun very angry, but after listening to his second sentence, she felt that Chen Daming was kind to her and could not bear to blame her. But Lou Hong's injured face appeared in front of Liu Yun's eyes. Sister Liu, Sister Liu, can you hear me? "I'm listening," said Liu Yun. "Can you hear me, too?" "Yes." "I beg you one thing." "No problem." Stay out of my business. I thank you for your kindness. Liu Yun said earnestly. But I.. Liu Yun put the phone. Chapter 30 Small./Say. Txt Heaven Most of the coffee shops in the hotel lobby have such charm that people who have a bad heart would rather stay here than get up and leave, as if all the places outside are not as good as here. Lou Hong's father has gone, Geng Lin is still sitting in the original place,heavy duty metal racking, neither out of mind, nor sad, very calm look.