Emperor Qianlong

When they heard that he had made his fortune in this way, they all laughed when they thought about it. "Strange to say," said Jin Wenkui.

When they heard that he had made his fortune in this way, they all laughed when they thought about it. "Strange to say," said Jin Wenkui. "Since then, I've been looking for him to see a doctor. I've seen one after another, and he's become more and more famous. He himself knew that it was fate, not skill, so he worked hard quietly, studying "Febrile Diseases", "Golden Plaque" and "Materia Medica" in secret, consulting them to prove that he treated people, and even did not charge medical fees for those with difficult and complicated diseases and strange diseases. He also had a reputation and learned his skills. He Dongli, the doctor of the last hospital, talked with him for three days. He came down and said to me, 'This is a real genius in life.' I dare not recommend him as a doctor. Are you playing with your life about this kind of thing? "He is not only good at pediatrics, but also can cure smallpox, which is a fresh trick to eat all over the world." Gao Heng laughed and said, "The empress's two elder brothers are all smallpox. Now-" he lowered his voice. "Now several elder brothers haven't come out yet. One of the new masters was also pregnant, and asked Mrs. Fu Heng to find someone to calculate. Mrs. Fu Heng found someone for her in Beijing, and wrote to Mrs. Yin yuanchang to find someone to calculate in Nanjing. She found Mao Xianer to split the word, and asked her son about the word "nine". The gentleman said that the number of the nine-character anode was a male fetus, which looked like an elder brother but did not become an elder brother. There was an elder brother in front of him who was not an adult. Also said that the pregnant woman is not a match,cold drawn tubes, because the nine characters like'yuan 'rather than'yuan', also said that like ordinary and extraordinary, is an extraordinary son. Also called to guard against the family people- "he even lowered his voice," to guard against the villain to harm the child-because the word "nine" plus the word "room" is "", outside and inside. There's a lot of jealousy in the palace. Isn't that right? Everyone stopped playing cards and listened to him intently. Bao Yongqiang knew the truth and suspected that'Mao Xianer 'was Liu Yong. At this time, he was relieved. But Xue Bai said, "This is really amazing. He didn't say he could save the child." "Mrs. Jishan is such a shrewd person. How can she not ask?" Gao Heng threw an eyebrow at Xue Bai and said with a smile, "Mao Xianer said that the word'nine 'is the bottom of the word'end',beam impact tubes, and it will certainly be preserved." He pushed down the cards and said to Pei Xingren, "You two go and visit Ye Tianshi for me. Doesn't he like to smoke a Furong ointment?"? Get a few for him first. Three days later, I asked him to go to Jinling with me by boat. Tell him that there is a storehouse of opium banned by Jin, and he smokes it. "You should eat something so you can get down to business," he added. Pei and Jin, who were not willing to eat any more, both stood up and bowed down to say goodbye, and ordered Ah Hong Yunbi to go away with a smile. When Bao Yongqiang saw that there were only four men and women left, he knew that he was an eyesore. After listening to so many palace secrets, he also wanted to go back to Huahou Village as soon as possible to report back to Yi Ying. Seeing that it was getting dark, he ordered Gao Heng to burn crimson wax and prepare more fruit. After having tea with Gao Heng and the others, he said goodbye with a smile, "It's easy for the waiter to make trouble at the dock. The younger one has to go first. I'll anchor and sail to Nanjing, and then I'll set up a farewell party." Gao Heng was eager for his words. Smiling, he stood up, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, held his hand, and said, "Just leave a few children here to study drama and wait on them. They will suffer from your hard work and money.". From now on, we are acquaintances and friends. I come to Yangzhou to find you. Just look for me when you go to Beijing! Ge Shi, however, was a little fed up with Gao Heng, the hungry ghost in the color. "Just go," he said with a smile. They played cards, and I took the children behind the stage to listen to the greeting. Kao Heng's mind, however, was not on playing cards. He saw the three women in the room. Bai Niangxue's temples were half slanted, and she was giddy and shy. Ah Hong looked forward to her beautiful waist, and her breasts were as white as snow. When he looked at the beauty under the lamp, he felt dizzy and his heart was shaking, which made him unable to control himself. Four people shuffled the cards with four pairs of hands, and the cards on the table were as lively as fresh shrimps pushed out of the net. Hands touch and collide with each other unintentionally and intentionally, and eight feet under the table touch each other. Gao Heng drew his cards and said, "Have you ever heard of the two green battalions in charge of the Mochou Lake garrison in Nanjing?" Hong and Yunbi both shook their heads with a smile. Xue Bai said, "We common people, how do we know about the adults?" "Both pipes are guerrilla." Gao Heng greedily groped under the table with his feet, and said to the three women, who were already red-faced and eager to be touched, "In the evening, I watched the play" The Phoenix Seeking the Phoenix "and each of them boasted about how his three concubines could love people, be considerate and gentle.". He bragged that he was so energetic that he could fight all night and make all the flowers wither. It was really hard work. I don't want to say their names, let's call them A-B. A said that his name was'Saimu Poison '. The work in his crotch was thicker than a donkey's kidney. It stood up like a small meat mallet. A woman's tendons and bones were crisp when she touched her body. B said that his name was'True Ruyi ', so he stood up and did not stab the King of Qin. He went west to Xianyang and stabbed three thousand beauties in Epang Palace. He could pick up the millstone by inserting it into the eye of the millstone.. The three women were all leaders in the wind field, and the words made their hearts jump, and they pretended to be ashamed to rub their clothes and squat on the tip. Hong spat, "Are men so disgusting? When they get drunk, they are full of nonsense." Yunbi plucked the cards with her fingertips and said angrily, "Master Gao told us this.." It's not very gentle. "Look at those people who study Taoism. They are full of poetry and are gentle. When they touch a woman's body, they become'gentle '." Gao Heng wrapped his eyes and laughed, and made light at his feet one by one. Then he said, "The two guerrilla generals, a and B, were at loggerheads. They took advantage of the wine to do business. In the middle of the night, they came out at the same time to relieve themselves. Then they changed their rooms. After that, they asked their wives to evaluate their abilities." Who knows armour guerilla is a henpecked however, say on the mouth loud, it is head of silver-like wax spear actually. His wife had a habit of sleeping with a light on, so she didn't dare to put it out. Guerrilla B was so timid that he looked through the window. The light was on, and he didn't dare to go in. He leaned over the crack of the door to have a look. Lady a turned over and muttered something, and he didn't dare to go in. After wandering around for half an hour, he never dared to do it. A guerilla was already victorious and returned to the court, saying, 'I'm done. What about you?' B said,Cold Drawn Tubes, 'You wait, I'm going in'. Armour says, 'do this kind of thing how to have the reason that calls me "wait"? ……。 cbiesautomotive.com