The glory of Germany

Soon the Czechs had the details of the Green Plan,

Soon the Czechs had the details of the Green Plan, and a large-scale war seemed inevitable to them. But with its own country's small military strength, it is impossible to confront the powerful Germany. Benitez and his government began to search for an outside solution. They first sent assistance to Britain and France, asking them to provide protection for themselves. But these two countries have no intention of becoming protectorates. You only have to look at the map to know. After Germany moved its troops into Czechoslovakia. In a letter to his sister, British Prime Minister Chamberlain wrote, "If the Germans intend to ravage Czechoslovakia, no matter how hard we or France try, it is unlikely to save it.." Therefore, we are not going to help Czechoslovakia, because giving Czech promises will only be an excuse for us to go to war with Germany. We will not do this unless we have the prospect of beating it to its knees and begging for mercy in due course. However, with the strength of Germany now. I really do not see such a prospect. Therefore,Slate Wall Panel, I have given up the idea of making guarantees to Czechoslovakia, and I do not want to make guarantees to France about its obligations to the Czech Republic. The British prime minister's half-heartedness worries France's leaders. French Prime Minister Charles Daladier has repeatedly made bold and strong statements declaring that Germany's actions have violated international law. But all sharp-eyed observers are convinced that, while France cares deeply about its neighbour's strong expansion, it is not. But they don't have the strength to organize all this. Because of the tragic victory in World War I, most French people believed that peace was more important than anything else. And France,Carrara Marble Slab, whose foreign policy has followed Britain's around since the occupation of the Rhineland. Is not going to defend the Czech Republic soon. It was at this time. Hitler, the front director of the whole event, appeared. He made an extremely bold speech at a regular meeting of officers: "It is my unswerving goal to wipe Czechoslovakia off the map.." We will have to adopt methods that may not immediately meet with the approval of your generals. However, the offensive was only part of a broader strategy to gain living space in Germanic territory. Czechoslovakia would become a threat to the rear as Germany inevitably moved eastward to gain living space. Therefore, the Czech Republic must be eliminated, and now is the time. However, he has just finished speaking. An accident suddenly occurred. This change makes things more complicated. The news from the distant Kremlin took all the people in the world by surprise. Stalin, who had never been good at making speeches, Pietra Gray Marble ,Grey Marble Slab, suddenly held a speech to the outside world. In this speech, he openly attacked Germany's expansionist policy. He called it a shameless, naked declaration of war. He went on to represent himself as the leader of a "just" nation. Publicly urged Britain and France to contend with the Germans. Then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union began to act. The then foreign minister, Molotov, arrived in Prague by plane. After a series of secret talks with the Czech government's foreign minister, Krofta, the two sides left the meeting place very satisfied. Molotov then met with Czech Prime Minister Benitez. The two sides talked and laughed happily. A day later. The news of the secret agreement between the Soviet Union and the Czech Republic spread like wildfire. Some newspapers even published most of the important contents of the so-called agreement. This includes a loan of 200 million rubles ( $100 million) to the Czech government from the Soviet government. If Czechoslovakia were attacked by a third country, the Soviet Union would be obliged to protect the neutral country. At the same time, Stalin summoned the Soviet consul in the Czech Republic. The uncle with a "kind face" assured the other side that even if France did not give Czechoslovakia effective military assistance, even if Poland and Romania did not allow Soviet troops to transit to Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union was ready to provide him with military assistance at an appropriate opportunity. But on one condition. That is to say, Czechoslovakia can support it for a long time, so that the Soviet Union has enough time to mobilize its own forces. However, these public or private assurances of the Soviet Union were totally nonsense in Ji Ming's eyes, because everyone knew that the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia were separated by Poland and Romania; Both countries refused to allow the Red Army to pass through (both countries had feuds with the Soviet Union), so in Jimming's view, these were all part of the Soviet conspiracy: its intention was very obvious, that is, to convince liberals all over the world. The Soviet Union was the true defender of this small and brave country under siege, and in reality. Like Britain and France, neither of them was willing to rescue it quickly. But Stalin's actions helped Ji Ming to some extent. Because he gave Ji Ming some reasons. A reason to start a movement. So he immediately signed the order to launch the Cuckoo Plan. For a time, the Imperial Security Service, a giant, began to move according to the original orbit. 528, the stock market in Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia, suddenly experienced a sharp shock. Many people began to sell their stocks crazily. For a time, the share prices of many large companies fell by 20%. At the same time,pietra gray marble, a large number of fake Czech koruna suddenly appeared on the market. There was little difference between the workmanship of the money and the real one, and even the bank staff could not distinguish it. A large number of people entered the Czechoslovak Department, whose economic situation was not very stable.