President Green Joe's Coke Lover

President Green Joe's Coke LoverPresident Green Joe's Coke Lover

Pei Jialie looked at her emaciated figure, suddenly some in the heart can not bear, so gently pause the music, followed behind her. He noticed that her shoulders twitched slightly and tears as big as beans flowed silently down her cheeks, while her lips clenched tightly, as if trying not to cry. It was not that he had never seen a woman cry, but her tears seemed to be particularly crystal clear, soaking the butterfly-like eyelashes and flowing along the jade-like skin, which made him feel particularly lovely. She caught a glimpse of him as she wiped away her tears. Wow, is this onion hot? "With nowhere to go, he joked," It'll make you cry! " She did not answer, but bowed her head and cut the vegetables. By the way, I forgot to invite my uncle and aunt to have dinner with me just now. To tell you the truth, you have moved here for so long, and I haven't seen what my uncle and aunt look like. He tried to liven up the atmosphere and avoid her embarrassment. They are out of the country and on vacation in Japan. It was not easy to hear her hoarse voice. After a while. Suddenly he said softly, "My mother doesn't know that I have broken up with my boyfriend." What? Pei Jialie was stunned 。 Was she confiding in him? With him, the bad neighbor who was fighting two minutes ago. ? "I'm sorry, did I scare you just now?" She sighed bitterly. "I've had a bad temper recently. I've been to see a psychiatrist. They say I'm not a neuropathy, so you don't have to be afraid." "I've seen worse tempers than you, and I'm not afraid." He gave a clear cough and joked. She wanted to laugh but couldn't. She was speechless for a long time. Suddenly she opened her mouth again. "In fact,316 stainless steel plate, I never liked symphonies. I used to force myself to like them just to please my boyfriend." "Really?" He winked. "I used to watch that kind of crying and noisy TV play with my mother in order to please her." "Your mother must have been very happy at that time?" "Can she not be happy to have such a filial son as me?" "But he didn't appreciate it." Staring out of the window at a place dyed dark blue by the night, she recalled faintly: "I remember that time I specially asked someone to buy a set of classical music records from the United States for him, but he said:" Don't buy them if you don't understand. "" After that, I realized that classical music fans have strict requirements for orchestras, conductors, principal musicians, and the year of performance, even if they like Mozart's music! Nor can they be satisfied by just buying a Mozart record. 。” Brother, how can you talk like this? The girl has a piece of heart. How can you trample so wantonly? "So you hate him?" "No, I don't hate him." She shook her head in denial. You don't hate him. Why did you hide here? "He stared at her." Don't you know that the people of Green Tea are looking for you everywhere? Miss Rebecca 。” "You?" She stepped back in surprise. "You know me?" "Miss Rebecca's advertisements can be seen everywhere, and I think it's hard not to recognize them." "Who are you?" She asked warily. "How do you know about Green Tea?" "My company should be regarded as green tea." Opponent He lied, 347 stainless steel ,x56 line pipe, "I know that Lvming belongs to Tianxing Group, and your ex-boyfriend is the president of Tianxing.". So, if you are willing to jump ship to shoot advertisements for us, Green Ming will break its promise to customers, that is to say, Tianxing Group will break its promise to customers, so you can get revenge. He wanted to see if this woman would harm his eldest brother. If she really had evil intentions, he would surely take refuge in the enemy camp and put her eldest brother to death. Sir, I think you have made a mistake. Is it the green tea that discovered me and cultivated me? I won't be so ungrateful. 。” Unexpectedly, she answered like this. Then why don't you go back to work? "Pei Jialie was puzzled." Now the advertiser wants to sue Green Tea for breach of contract, do you know? " "I.." She lowered her eyes. "I have to." "No matter what difficulties you have, if you don't go back to work, you will harm the green tea." "I'll go back." She mumbled, "I didn't know it would turn out like this." I will go back tomorrow. "Really?" He raised an eyebrow doubtfully. If you still want to persuade me to change my job, you should give up this idea. Qiu Yuting looked at him with a straight face. Hehe, I am not an uninterested person. "It doesn't look like she's lying, and there's no need to lie to him as a" poacher "." "Give up being a lobbyist so soon?" She was suspicious. "Miss, I also work for others, not the boss, why should I work so hard as a lobbyist and hurt the neighborhood?" He shrugged lazily. I knew you were a minor character. He doesn't look like a boss when he's fooling around. Miss, "Pei Jialie changed the subject with a wry smile-" the next time you meet your boyfriend, ask him what is HIP-POP! ". "Eh?" Qiu Yuting was stunned. Didn't he say you didn't understand classical music? You ask him what is self? HiP-POP, he certainly doesn't understand. The pretentious big brother should also be taught a lesson. "" She smiled knowingly-not on her face, but in her heart. For some reason, she talked so much to this bad neighbor that it was almost as if she had opened her heart. Probably, because of his "knowledge and interest"? When he shed tears just now, he did not embarrass her with sarcasm, but used onions to cover up for her. At that moment, she seemed to be moved by his thoughtfulness, and her words followed. She turned out to be such an easily moved person? Or She was too lonely to find anyone around to complain about, so she was "hungry for food"? Anyway, he knew that her sadness did not matter. He was an insignificant person in her life. After a period of time, he moved away from here and had nothing to do with him. He was a tree she had found in the wilderness, and to the strange hole in the tree, she spoke of the troubles in her heart,316l stainless steel pipe, which were like a big stone, and these days she was about to collapse. Http:// Zhuxuan Ink Workshop Exclusive Production is authorized to reprint, other stations please do not turn again.