Certifying different legal entities under one certification scope in ISO 9001 certification in Qatar?

Many questions come up when imposing the necessities of ISO 9001:2015 certification in Qatar for your Quality Management System (QMS), and whilst many are convenient to answer

Many questions come up when imposing the necessities of ISO 9001:2015 certification in Qatar for your Quality Management System (QMS), and whilst many are convenient to answer, some are not. One query that can come up for smaller companies that have separate places is: “Can I certify greater than one felony entity beneath one ISO 9001 certification?” The reply to this is yes; but, finding out and figuring out the QMS scope is key.

What does the scope have to do with this?

In the ISO 9001:2015 in Iraq standard, one of the first moves to take when enforcing the Quality Management System is to decide what the scope of the QMS will be. The necessities for this exercise are in clause 4.3, and take location proper after you decide what your organizational context is, who your involved events are, and what they expect. In short, this is the step the place you take all of your understanding about your business enterprise and country precisely what will be blanketed beneath the Quality Management System insurance policies and processes.

So, if you desire to certify two distinct agencies below the identical certificate, you could. You would do this via which include the statistics about the merchandise and offerings of each groups in your QMS scope. The scope would additionally consist of the area small print of each agency to outline the boundaries and applicability of the QMS. This system is no longer unknown in the ISO 9001 certification in Philippines community, and there is one instance the place a team of 4 companies, comprising 4 exclusive felony entities, have been licensed underneath the equal certification.

This does no longer always suggest that you can simply get collectively with your neighboring employer and create one QMS for certification. The QMS regulations and insurance policies want to be relevant to all the agencies described in the QMS scope, and if your groups are too different, this may additionally no longer be feasible. This strategy of the use of one QMS certification for corporations that are one-of-a-kind criminal entities is solely frequent when the groups are related.

For instance, you may have one enterprise that is developing a product, which has a sibling organization that gives transportation services. The desire used to be made that the transportation employer would be integrated below a separate criminal identify in order to greater without problems furnish transportation offerings for now not solely the manufacturing company, however additionally different corporations as well. These two corporations should fall underneath the equal scope if the preference was once made for the QMS insurance policies and regulations that had been relevant for both. However, the scope ought to consist of each location, as properly as descriptions of the product and the transportation offerings supplied to customers.

Benefits and negative aspects of more than one prison entities in one scope

The advantages of inserting a couple of felony entities underneath one ISO 9001 certification in Hyderabad are tempting, and the largest benefit is the capacity to keep cash on certification fees. You can additionally retailer time and cash on many of your QMS processes, due to the fact the equal system is used at more than one locations. This can encompass such matters as documentation control, planning for QMS dangers and opportunities, aid and competence maintenance, overall performance evaluations, and enchantment management.


Of course, nothing is perfect, and there can be some drawbacks to this approach. By inclusive of greater than one criminal entity, you want to encompass all locations, products, and offerings of all entities in your scope. By doing so, it is viable that the scope of your QMS, which will be given to your clients and fascinated parties, will grow to be complicated and complex. If this will confuse clients as to what your merchandise and offerings are, then suppose about keeping apart the Quality Management Systems of the two companies.

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