Norfolk's 'underwater paradise' captured during heatwave

Norfolk's 'underwater paradise' captured during heatwave


An underwater photographer captured the beautiful world under the surface of the Norfolk sea during the heatwave.

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Photographer Chris Taylor said the temperature of the water was perfect "for cooling off, but not so cold as to make you yelp".

He has been snorkelling since he was 15 years old and has been photographing around Sheringham for five years.

Home to a variety of marine life, he described it as being an "underwater paradise".

After temperatures in the town reached the high 30-degrees Celsius last Monday, Mr Taylor took to the sea on his first snorkel on the chalk reef this year.

He has previously photographed the Sheringham Snorkel trail, formed on top of a disused Victorian sewage pipe, and said it did not "disappoint" during this week's hot weather.

Since he has been photographing the reef, he said he had not noticed any differences in the underwater landscape and it remained a "thriving and healthy ecosystem".

The Marine Conservation Society said the Norfolk coast was home to the longest chalk reef in Europe.

The reef itself was recognised as a designated Marine Conservation Zone in 2016, with beaches in the East awarded Blue Flags.