What is Lost Ark Proxima in Lost Ark?

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Lost Ark Proxima is the world boss in Lost Ark. Officially known as field bosses in Lost Ark, world bosses are powerful enemies that players will encounter as they venture into Lost Ark. It has extremely high HP and damage, and good teamwork is very important to defeat Lost Ark Proxima.

Where is the Lost Ark Proxima boss?

Proxima Centauri's spawn point is located on the continent of North Fern. Proxima Centauri can be found in the Verne Forest area when you reach North Fern. In the southeast area of ​​the area map, you'll come across a tripod, right next to the Fern Ranger headquarters. Follow a path next to the area and you will be taken above the forest floor.

Keep going and do the jump and you will reach an intersection where you turn left and then right to the zipline. Continue to interact with the zipline and it will take you directly to the area where you can fight the world boss Proxima.

How to beat the Lost Ark Proxima boss?

Before you start facing Proxima, take advantage of Lost Ark Items to make sure you're at least level 50 Combat Level and Level 250 Item Level. If you do not meet these requirements, you will not receive any rewards despite your participation in them. Want a quick upgrade? Follow RPGStash for more guides on Farming Gold Items.

Lost Ark Proxima are carnivorous plants with a large health pool similar to most world bosses in Lost Ark - 13 million health, and RPGStash strongly recommends that you don't go it alone. Invite experienced gamers to increase your odds of defeating Proxima.

Proxima has different stages, it protects itself and heals during this time. While the shield is up, Proxima regenerates 1% of its health every few seconds. It also takes significantly less damage during this phase. It's best to reserve your powerful spells and attacks for this.


The first time you defeat Proxima, you'll receive the first kill reward, three chests of epic gear, and fill up the relevant sections of the Adventurer's Book. In addition to this, there is a completely random variety of currencies, items, resources and experience points.

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